Saturday, May 23, 2009


I was bored and decided to do some ink and digital color tonight. Then I realized it looked too much like some of Erick Jones' and Tomer's work, plus the top face still looks like me. Guh. But hey, its summer already and I'm enjoying the 10 hours of sleep a day. I've been working on a small landscape, a classy portrait of my mum, and working on some shirt designs for a new brand my friend is launching this summer. I'll post them up once they're all done, but for now here's my ink piece and a mock up girls shirt I made for the new brand. Simple stuff, nothing too crazy. Oh, and I can't forget that random kid I sketched off of some article I saw online..... he was just cool looking.
{I miss you guys over in Sarasota.... see you soon}


The Machine said...

this is kool, i like the t-shirt, i'd wear it :D

ill be in ohio after this Wednesday and we can skype about illest then. latas!

jstarr said...

the little baby at the bottom is the best. simple efficient line making! and I DONT CARE WHAT YOU SAY!. i checked out your carbon made sites and your paintings are only getting better. it's very intimidating.