Sunday, May 10, 2009

end of the year :[

I'm kind of bummed that the year's over. Friends are leaving and starting anew chapter in their lives, and I start my last year of college in a couple months D: ack! But regardless, the summer is gonna be full of new work hopefully, and I've already started.

On another note, I cleaned out my house and laid out all my work from this year.... and it was wayyy more than I expected, in part because it was all huddled together and didn't seem like too much. Craazyyyy.

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The Machine said...

dude, you're getting so good. that painting with the hand in front of the persons face is creepy and the woman is beautiful, i would put you on level with Andy. Keep up the good work. hey im still in town for the next week if you're not gone yet and you wanna hang. latas!