Saturday, December 18, 2010

For sale!

I'm trying to get rid of a bunch of work! Below are the originals I have, some are framed and matted. If you're interested in any of them email me. Trying to get rid of these as soon as possible!

Here is what I'm selling:

Cruella (framed and matted): $600

Snow Queen (framed and matted):$400

Evil Stepmother (framed and matted): $375

Mellificent (framed and matted): $600

The Red Queen (framed and matted): $500

Unframed, mounted on board with cover:

Omar Rodriguez monotype: $100
Melody: $200
Woodlands: $350
Sink: $200
Red Lake: $200


Leah Marie said...
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Anonymous said...

are you selling these as prints also???

wren said...

So very beautiful, I love your work. Ar these mostly oils?

Alexander said...

you are amazing

AarónE_Pedraza said...

Ilustras pocamadre!!! Felicidades y un saludo desde Mexico, DF