Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Just a re-cap:
My thesis is about villainesses from fairy tales/kids stories. I pretty much just wanted to portray an unconventional take on these mean ladies, and turn them into my own vision. So enjoy, and thank you to everyone who made it to the show, it meant a lot!


Kyler Dannels said...

Congratulations! Before you know it two years will have passed haha.

I've been excited to finally see all these for a while now - Everything turned out great.

Enjoy the moment.

Keyla Valerio said...

:] thanks kyler, hope things are great on your end and you're doing well

Damion009 said...

Insane colors! I really like the mood you have in your work... your amazing!

Talialina said...

dang woman!!! love your thesis

Kim Heise said...

I like the idea for your focus in this series!! you do very beautiful work!